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Are you visiting Barcelona, Spain, and planning to go birding?
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Red-winged blackbird in the Canary Islands

Red-winged blackbird

Some friends went on a trip to the Canary Islands a few days ago. They are from Hong Kong and keen birders. On February 8th, during a short walk around “Parque de la Luz”, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, they were surprised by something unexpected: Red-winged blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus). Not one, but two and possibly three individuals.

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Lesser Flamingo

Birds from the far North, the far East, the far South, the far West… The Mediterranean basin is a crossroads for migrants, and the Ebro Delta is one of its best birding sites. In a single winter day, like yesterday, it is possible to switch from a “Sibe vibe” to an African flavour in a matter of minutes. That’s what we went for, an exceptionally diverse combination of winged creatures.

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Now I’m here, now I’m there

Red-necked Grebe

Red-necked grebe is a rare bird in Catalonia, with very few records in the last years. Not the kind of bird that your expect to find on a quick visit to Arenys de Mar harbour, a small town near Barcelona. Instead, what I had in mind today was looking for some gulls and checking the eastern beach, which recently has benefited from a vegetation restoration in some areas.

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Barcelona is just the start!

Main Birding Areas

Catalonia, Spain, offers an amazing diversity of habitats in a relatively small territory.
The high peaks of the Pyrenees, its cliffs and forested valleys. The inland Lleida Steppes, home of unique birds and vast horizons. The mediterranean scrublands of Garraf Massif. The Llobregat Delta marshes, so close to Barcelona city. The Ebro Delta, one of the most important wetlands of the Mediterranean.
If you love nature, Catalonia will surely surprise you. On our guided birding tours, you’ll also discover breathtaking landscapes, beautiful old towns and tasty gastronomy. Come birding with us!

Fascinating birding opportunities are waiting for you beyond Barcelona

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1. Take your time exploring the website, and the different birding destinations. Think about your schedule, the different places that you’d like to visit and how you’d like to combine them.

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