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Are you visiting Barcelona, Spain, and planning to go birding?
Catalonia Birding Experience offers you personalized guided tours throughout the country.
We take care of all the details, so you simply enjoy your trip!

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Spider wasp and its prey

Spider wasp dragging tarantula

Picture a pleasant and warm summer evening in a coastal valley. Vineyards cover most of the area. Humid wind coming from the sea has brought some low clouds, but no rain is expected. Bonelli’s warblers sing from the nearby Stone pine woodlands. A pair of Red-rumped swallows circle around hunting insects. It’s getting late, soon both species of Nightjar will start singing, as well as Little and Scops Owl.

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Avoidable impact

Glass collision hawfinch

Earlier this year –it was late winter–, I happened to be birding in a pre-Pyrenean valley. Hawfinches, Redwings… It was very birdy indeed. I saw a newly built Padel court in the outskirts of a small town. Padel is a racquet sport similar to tennis that is trending in the country and rapidly expanding town to town. Anyway, I approached the court, oblivious of what I was about to find.

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Lark Land

Greater Short-toed Lark

Open country is lark country. Leaving aside the most densely forested regions and strict wetlands, the Alaudidae family is likely to have some representatives pretty much everywhere. Usually, though, the best places to look for larks are also home to other birds, more “spectacular” and colourful birds, that understandably take much of birder’s attention.

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Barcelona is just the start!

Main Birding Areas

Catalonia, Spain, offers an amazing diversity of habitats in a relatively small territory.
The high peaks of the Pyrenees, its cliffs and forested valleys. The inland Lleida Steppes, home of unique birds and vast horizons. The mediterranean scrublands of Garraf Massif. The Llobregat Delta marshes, so close to Barcelona city. The Ebro Delta, one of the most important wetlands of the Mediterranean.
If you love nature, Catalonia will surely surprise you. On our guided birding tours, you’ll also discover breathtaking landscapes, beautiful old towns and tasty gastronomy. Come birding with us!

Fascinating birding opportunities are waiting for you beyond Barcelona

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With over 25 years of birding experience in Catalonia, Spain, we’ll take you directly to the best spots to find birds,
while visiting the most spectacular landscapes.
Our goal is that you have a memorable experience, and a fun and pleasant time.

1. Take your time exploring the website, and the different birding destinations. Think about your schedule, the different places that you’d like to visit and how you’d like to combine them.

2. Contact us via email or phone and tell us your interests, timing, etc. Ask us anything that you have in mind! We will be pleased to inform you and design the tour that best suits your needs.

3. If you like our proposal, we’ll start to make all the arrangements and keep in touch with you to pick you up at your desired location. No pre-payment needed.